Wrongful Death

Metro Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer

Serving Families of Wrongful Death Victims

When a loved one has been killed, nothing will be the same. While no one can undo the past, our Atlanta area law firm — the law office of Bernard Hoppenfeld — can help you move forward by holding wrongdoers accountable.

We have more than 25 years of experience representing the families of wrongful death victims with one singular goal: to help you get full and fair compensation. Our clients are more than just cases to us. We know them as people and we fight hard to make sure others understand what the loss meant to them.

Whether your loved one was killed in a fatal car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or in another event, we can help.

The Goals of a Wrongful Death Action

Many families, especially ones with young children, find it difficult to make ends meet after a parent has been killed. More than just struggling emotionally, they face an ongoing financial struggle that can seem overwhelming. A wrongful death action can help them get the resources to move forward.

Taking legal action after a wrongful death can also help prevent the same harm from happening again in the future. By holding people accountable for negligent, reckless or wrongful acts, we strive to give our clients this peace of mind.

Bernard Hoppenfeld, Attorney at Law

When you've been injured and you need a lawyer, you can turn to Bernard Hoppenfeld, Attorney at Law, for legal action that gets the best possible results. Our Buckhead law office offers free initial consultations. To schedule one, contact us online or by calling us at 404-261-7400.